How do I enable Two Factor Authentication for cPanel?

Under the Security Heading in your cPanel, click on the icon for Two-Factor Authentication.

Click Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.

To configure 2FA, you must create a link between your cPanel account and your 2FA app: 

  • To automatically create the link, scan the displayed QR code with your app.
  • To manually create the link, enter the provided Account and Key information in your app.

Within your 2FA app, retrieve the six-digit security code.  The 2FA app generates a new six-digit security code for your cPanel account every 30 seconds.

Enter the six-digit security code in the Security Code text box. You must enter the security code within 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds elapses time, the app generate a new six-digit code. 

Click Configure Two-Factor Authentication.

Click Configure Two-Factor Authentication.

Make sure you receive the confirmation.

Two-factor authentication requires a smartphone with a supported time-based one-time password (TOTP) app. We suggest the following app although others are compatible:

For Android and IOS Devices - RapidIdentity

Google Play  

IOS/Apple Store

If you have set up Two Factor Authentication and are unable to log into your cPanel. Please feel free to create a ticket here and we will disable the two factor authentication on your account.
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