1. Log in to your account at EveryDNS.net.
  2. On the left side, click the domain you'd like to use with goMobi.
  3. Since EvertyDNS.net is your hosting service, and not your domain registrar, be sure that your domain points to the name servers of EveryDNS.net. This will allow your CNAME record configuration to take effect.
  4. Below Add a Record, you can create your CNAME record.
  5. Next to Fully Qualified Domain Name, enter only the subdomain you want to use. For Example, if you picked m.example.com as your site's address, just enter m as the entry next to Fully Qualified Domain name.
  6. Select CNAME as the Record Type
  7. Enter lb.gomobi.info as the Record Value.
  8. Click Add Record.
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