Cname Record for Subdomain Or Specific Domains

In order to create a new subdomain for your mobile site (i.e, sign in to your account at your DNS provider's website. Typically, this is your registrar, or compnay you bought the domain name from, e.g. GoDaddy, however, in some set ups, it will be your hosting provider. Go to the DNS management page. CNAME records may be in a section called DNS Management or Name Server Management. You may have to enable advanced settings to create a CNAME record. Please contact your DNS provider directly if you can't locate the CNAME management options.

Create a new CNAME record with the following parameters:

Host: m(or any other subdomain)
Destination address:

Your CNAME record is now configured to point to goMobi. It can take up to 48 hours for DNS settings to take effect.
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